What could be nicer than dining in company?
First cook together and then eat together! Meet Executive Chef Oliver Steffensky, who has made a major contribution towards the Bareiss cuisine since 1992. He would be delighted to disclose one or two kitchen secrets.
Participants in the cooking seminars arrive on Sunday, and enjoy an evening meal together in the Dorfstuben on Sunday evening. Cooking takes place on Monday and Tuesday mornings and afternoons. After a wine-tasting, the course ends with a festive lunch in the Restaurant Bareiss on Wednesday.

Cooking Seminars

Bareiss cooking seminars: always packed with new ideas, whether regional specialities or cuisines from around the world – our chef Oliver Steffensky asks you up to the stove during our traditional cooking seminars.

An evening meal together in our Dorfstuben on Sunday evening.
Cooking takes place in the morning and during the afternoon on Monday and Tuesday.
After a wine tasting session, enjoy a jovial lunch in the 3* Restaurant Bareiss on Wednesday.

Canapés – finger food and small snacks

for aperitifs and in-between

26.01. – 30.01.2014

Spring vegetables and herbs

with seafood and shellfish

16.03. – 20.03.2014

Potatoes, pumpkin, apple, etc.

Dishes from autumn’s cuisine

14.09. – 18.09.2014

Christmas is coming –

preparations for the Yuletide season and holidays

09.11. – 13.11.2014


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