Methode “Ayurasan Body”

– Body Treatment –
Achieve mental serenity, equilibrium for the soul, feel younger.
Our new “Ayurasan Body” method is a body treatment, which is based on the ayurvedic health and beauty philosophy.

It starts with an alkaline mineral bath in our illuminated whirlpool. This is followed by a gentle dry massage with raw silk gloves designed to stimulate cell formation while at the same time benefiting the metabolism and the circulation. In this way the skin becomes particularly receptive for the whole body massage that follows with heated Ayurasan body oil and Tri-Dosha energizer. After the relaxation phase and the removal of the oil by means of warm fragrant compresses the body is covered with a gently scented balsam. The skin is regenerated, it attains tautened yet supple and you feel as is you were “newly born”!

You will be presented with a pair of Garshan raw silk gloves to continue treatment at home.

(Pamper time about 115 min.) € 139