Five-Day Programme Gertraud Gruber

Day 1:
Arm pack, thorough face, neck and décolleté treatment with skin diagnosis, cleansing, exfoliation,  vapozone steam, further cleansing, eyebrow-shaping, ampoule of biologically active substances. Choice of massage or Phyto Pack.
(Pamper time about 95 min.)

Day 2:
Whey bath in our illuminated whirlpool, body pack, dying of eyebrows  and eye lashes.
(Pamper time about 75 min.)

Day 3:
Manicure and cosmetic pedicure with massage or varnishing
(Pamper time about 120 min.)

Day 4:
Brush massage, whey bath in our illuminated whirlpool, body pack, and  exquisite eye treatment.
(Pamper time about 85 min.)

Day 5: Symphony for the senses
(Pamper time about 80 min.)

And at our Bareiss Spa: an aroma oil massage (Pamper time about 50 min) as well as a special relaxation unit

You will be presented with a whole body massage glove to continue treatment at home.

€ 500