Various Body Peelings

To start the session the desired peeling is rubbed into your body for 20 minutes. In this way the skin is freed from dead skin cells. Subsequently you rest for 5 minutes on our pleasantly warm waterbed. Thanks to the warmth of the waterbed your pores open and the substances are better able to penetrate your skin.

Balinese coffee Peeling

peels with finely ground coffee; the caffeine stimulates the microcirculation of the skin
Pamper tima about 25 min. € 39

The Carribean meets Württemberg

peeling with apple and coconut; the pectin in the apple increases the skin's absorption of moisture
Pamper time about 25 min. € 39

Asia peeling

peels with ginger and coconut; stimulates the formation of new skin cells
Pamper time about 25 min. € 39

For those with allergies

peels with salt and jojoba oil; has an anti-inflammatory and disinfectant effect
Pamper time about 25 min. € 39