A rejuvenating holiday - all the way to the tips of your hair

Let yourself be a bit pampered – when else do you have so much time available as here with us? Our hairdressing team would be delighted to advise you on form and colour, on styles and tints, on lengths and volumes. Spend some time on yourself. You've earned it!

Personal Training

Das Package "Start Smart" beinhaltet die folgenden individuellen Leistungen:

  • 60 Minuten Personaltraining
  • ein Wellness Drink
  • Heupackung im Wärmebett
  • 30 Minuten individuelle Teilmassage

Preis für das Gesamtpackage: € 210

Personal Training

Compilation of an individual training plan with nutrition advice and an introduction to the basics of muscle training.

Pamper time about 60 min.  € 89
Pamper time about 90 min.  € 119