For epicures

The evening meal is served in one of our five hotel guest restaurants (Hubertusstube, Biedermeierzimmer, Hermine-Bareiss-Stube, Schwarzwaldstube and Winter Garden). A large salad buffet is followed by the evening menu recommendation by our Kitchen Director Oliver Ruthardt, whose individual courses can be exchanged with our other dishes and the Bareiss Classics. We offer a 5-course fitness menu with a maximum of 1,000 calories for the weight-conscious epicure – as long as one does not weaken to the temptations of the cheese buffet (available every evening) or the warm/cold dessert buffet on Tuesday evenings. The large Bareiss Gourmet Menu is available every Saturday evening, with seven courses and – a tradition that goes all the way back to Hermine Bareiss – with a rose for every lady in the restaurant.

The dress code for Bareiss evenings

Smart for dinner.
For one's own pleasure. And for the pleasure of the other guests.
Thank you!