Culinary at the Bareiss

Claus-Peter Lumpp up close

Closer than ever before – or at least only rarely before: for the first time the Chef de Cuisine of our 3-star restaurant has invited his guests to have a personal chat. Claus-Peter Lumpp – in effect »live«. On Wednesday he talks about his career as one of Germany’s best chefs. The convinced team player reports on the interplay between all involved. He gives you a look behind the scenes and answers your questions.

Available from:

15.-21.05.22, 19.-25.06.22
26.06.-02.07.22, 03.-09.07.22

The Arrangement includes the following:

  • 4 nights with the Bareiss Half-Board
  • a get-together with Claus-Peter Lumpp
  • lunch in the 3-star Restaurant Bareiss with 3 glasses of appropriate wines
  • a signed copy of »Close-ups« by Claus-Peter Lumpp and Stefan Leitne
  • Claus-Peter Lumpp’s favourite salt from the Bareiss range of culinary products for home.


Arrangement price for 5 days / 4 nights

from 1,200 € single room | from 1,440 € single room apartment | from 1,145 € double room* | from 1,275 € double room, large* | from 1,350 € double room apartment I* | from 1,440 € double room apartment II*
from 1,735 € suite*

Arrival on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Not available on Bank Holidays. Always subject to availability.

* Prices are per person and depend on the room category. The Arrangement cannot be combined with other lump-sum bookings


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