Walking weeks

Whether accompanied by our hiking team, Karin Bosch or forester Hermann Rastetter, or under your own steam – the 'Baiersbronn Wanderhimmel' ('walking heaven') is worth discovering. Walk along comfortable soft ground, through aromatic forests and broad valleys, along ancient streams and over the highest hills in the northern Black Forest. Enjoy the wonderful views of the countryside that await along your paths. You can experience something unforgettable here at any season.

The Bareiss Hiking Weeks

Ramble at any time of year through our beautiful Black Forest Landscape with its peaceful mountain lakes and tarns and its forests that seem to be endless.


Sunday: We welcome you most heartily to our Walking Week in our Dorfstuben.

Monday - Friday: Guided tours

Friday Afternoon: traditional closing gathering in our Dorfstuben with a small snack and appropriate music on the accordion.

Winter Walking Week:

Walking during the wintertime is a special experience. Discover the Black Forest in a very different way.

17th January - 24th January 2016

Spring Walking Week:

The first signs of spring search for the sun. The nature is awakening to new life.

6th March - 13th March 2016

May Walking Week:

Our walking guides invite you to wonderful tours through the Black Forest

24th April - 2nd May 2016

June Walking Week:

Welcome to beautiful hiking-tours. Discover the Black Forest in an completely different way.

19th June - 26th June 2016

Late Summer Walking Week:

28th August - 4th September 2016

Autumn Walking Week:

6th November - 13th November 2016


Please request detailed information for the Bareiss Hiking Weeks.


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T: +49 7442 470


Thank you. Alterations and partial contribution are possible.


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