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Important Contribution to Living Culture

Claus-Peter Lumpp, head chef of the 3 Michelin star Restaurant Bareiss in the in the equally named holiday hotel in Baiersbronn, on Monday received the Eckart Witzigmann Prize in an award ceremony in the in the Lenbach House in Munich. It is the most eminent prize a chef can be awarded in Germany. The man who gave the prize its name, “Chef of the Century” Eckart Witzigmann, personally presented Lumpp and nine other winners with their distinctions.

He emphasised that all the award winners were united by the fact that their work far exceeds pure craftsmanship, while they are true masters of their craft and use these skills to contribute decisively to living culture. In Witzigmann’s own words: “Each prize winner ensures, in their own field, that food is turned from a basic need into a means of culture, communication and hospitality.”

The laudation to Claus-Peter Lumpp was given by Ephorus Tobias Küenzlen from the monastery Maulbronn. In a short and humorous speech he praised the fact that Lumpp’s cuisine was far more than a “great culinary opera”. He said that Lumpp, with his skill and art, tries to counteract the instrumentalisation of nature – which is all too apparent in the general disregard for animals as living creatures. “Claus-Peter Lumpp puts up resistance against this spirit of the times, as his cookery goes beyond mere virtuosity. He has the highest regard for the ‘product’ as a gift of nature, thereby honouring the creature, the creation and the creator.”

Eckart Witzigmann commented in a similar vein in his preface to the recently published two-volume book by Claus-Peter Lumpp: “His respect for the product, as a gift of nature, is always noticeable and tasteable. The smugness and vanity of a self-important cookery artist are totally alien to him. His cuisine does not taste of ambition of the “look what I can do” kind. His cuisine wants to make others happy. This is Claus-Peter Lumpp’s aim and objective in the kitchen. This not only makes him a great chef, it also distinguishes him as a great host.”


Baiersbronn-Mitteltal, November 2011