The Baiersbronner Wanderhimmel

The 550 kilometres of paths offer you, among other things:

The Nine "Himmelswege" (Paths to Heaven)
Eight thematic circular tours on particularly beautiful country paths lead you round Baiersbronn and its suburbs – wherever possible on paths and hill tracks unused by foresters and always with connections to public transport. The destinations of the thematically different tours, between 11 and 21 kilometres long, have been selected from the numerous highlights in this countryside. There is an enlarged map of the paths at the starting point of each of the eight "Himmelswege" with further route suggestions.

The Seensteig goes around Baiersbronn to Karseen and the peaks, along the parish limits. 84 kilometres of raw nature and fantastic scenery, as is only seldom found in such abundance, ensure that the four to five daily stages are never boring. The route starts and finishes in the Hiker’s Information Centre at Baiersbronn Train Station.

The Murgleiter
The Murgleiter leads from Baiersbronn along the Seensteig to Huzenbach, where one has a good view of the lake, on via Forbach and Weisenbach to Gernsbach. What is so special about this tour is that it runs parallel to the Murg and, like a ladder, the hiker has repeated access to the local train stops. This multistage path has a total length of 66 km and leads to the most beautiful spots in the parishes of Baiersbronn, Forbach, Weisenbach and Gernsbach.

Winter paths
You experience the special attraction of Baiersbronn during the winter months. The "Baiersbronn Wanderhimmel" becomes a real winter fairy tale when the snow lies softly upon the mountains and in the valleys. Many of the paths are marked for winter walkers.