Customer security

Information on Online Shop consumer and privacy protection

  1. Conclusion of contract and General Terms and Conditions of Business

    Contractual agreement with The Hotel Bareiss GmbH is reached as described in sections 1 and 2 of our General Terms and Conditions of Business. The General Terms and Conditions of Business can be accessed on our Website. You can store and print out the General Terms and Conditions of Business from the Website in reproducible form The General Terms and Conditions are sent to you automatically in text form with the order confirmation. Prior to sending your order you can check the provided contractual data for any possible errors and if necessary correct these in keeping with the ordering procedure. The individual technical steps, which lead to a contract being concluded in the Online Shop are explained accordingly. You can store and print out the text of the contract, in other words the contract data including the General Terms and Conditions of Business; we do not store the text of the contract. Contractual obligations of the Online Shop can only be concluded in German.

  2. Prices

    The prices quoted for the individual products in the Online Shop apply. These relate to the gross prices including the legal VAT.

  3. Right of revocation

    You are entitled to the right of revocation in accordance with the instruction of revocation contained in the General Terms and Conditions of Business

  4. Data protection / privacy / security

    We, The Hotel Bareiss GmbH, store and use the data you provide, which we require for your order and which are required in the order screen for concluding and fulfilling your order. This includes enquiries relating to solvency and the provision of relevant information to carefully selected service providers. Furthermore we store and use your name and postal address in order to provide you with interesting information from The Bareiss by post should the case arise.

  5. Delivery Costs

    The Bareiss Cake is freshly prepared upon receipt of your order. We dispatch your Bareiss Cake by the fastest possible method so that it is still fresh when it arrives at your home. This entails the following delivery charges:

    • Deliveries within Germany per order: € 8
    • Deliveries to European Union member states per order: € 19
    • Deliveries to non-European Union Countries per order: € 22


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