A beauty journey to three of the world’s most beautiful countries: experience the radiance of the setting sun in India, the magic of the harsh landscape of the Rocky Mountains, and the natural zest for life of Hawaii.

Day 1: Abhyanga Whole-Body Massage, about 80 min.
Day 2: Hot Stone Whole-Body Massage, about 75 min.
Day 3: Lomi Lomi Nui Massage, about 80 min.

Total: about 235 min. € 349,-



Day 1: Intensive whole-body algal pack for detoxification and purging, about 50 min.
Day 2: Decongesting lymphatic drainage, about 50 min.
Day 3: Harmonising foot reflex zone massage, about 40 min.

Total: about 140 min. € 199,-



An intensive experience of deep relaxation: two therapists carry out the Pizzichil and Dhara Synchronous Massage simultaneously. The Ayurvedic whole-body massage and the Tibetan Back and Asian Foot Massage mean: a pure flow of energy!

Day 1: Synchronous Pizzichil and Dhara Massage, about 60 min.
Day 2: Tibetan Back and Asian Foot Massage, about 50 min.
Day 3: Abhyanga Whole-Body Massage, about 60 min.

Total: about 170 min. € 339,-