Bio Skin Care – 100% handmade, fresh and organic, for optimum holistic care. The ingredients of these exquisite products from Spa Manufactur are almost entirely sourced from strictly controlled organic cultivation and certified origins. They are lovingly hand-processed with maximum vigilance. The aim is to consolidate a maximum of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and trace elements in every product.


Bareiss Spa Aromatherapy

Massages with cold-pressed organic vegetable oils from Spa Manufactur tighten and tone the skin and the deep tissues with pure botanic essences and vitamin E. They activate the metabolism and lymphatic system, and gently detoxify and purge. Whereby superfood vitamins and antioxidants ensure a radiant and clear skin.


Floating on the waterbed

Feel the comfortable warmth, relaxation and healing effects throughout your body: treatments on the waterbed are the purest luxury for body, soul and spirit. They ideally prepare the skin for our sumptuous whole-body packs and peelings from Spa Manufactur, which are ideal for supplementing with aromatic oil massages. They promote absorption, and increase the effect of the ingredients. For a silky-smooth skin and a harmonic body sensation.