Beauty & Spa Etiquette

We accept reservations for our Bareiss Beauty & Spa treatments daily from 8.00 a. m. to 6.00 p. m. at our Beauty & Spa Reception. Our staff are available there for personal consulting or by phone at +49 7442 47-304 or via e-mail at

Please wear a bathrobe and slippers on arrival for massages, packs and whole-body treatments. Disposable briefs are available for use during treatments, or you can wear your own underwear or swimwear. No special clothing recommendations need be observed for facial treatments, manicures and pedicures. The sauna area is a clothes-free zone. Please place a large towel on the laude (sauna bench). Bathrobe and slippers are to be worn in the relaxation area. Please always wear sports clothing and sports shoes when entering the Fitness Room.

Please always inform us in advance if you have any health problems or conditions such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disorders, allergies, recent operations or locomotive limitations. This is important so that we can ideally co-ordinate treatments with your needs. All information will, of course, be treated in the strictest confidence.

The treatment of mothers-to-be and breastfeeding mothers requires particular care. Please tell our staff in advance when making your reservations.

The bathing, sauna and Beauty & Spa areas are places of relaxation. Please set mobile phones to silent mode. Please do not use mobile phones, laptops or tablets in these areas.

Whether the room temperature or massage pressure, please tell the particular therapist about your preferences or about any discomfort you may be feeling so that you can enjoy treatments to the full. PREPARATION Please arrive in good time (ideally 5 to 10 minutes before the treatment begins) so that you have sufficient time to prepare yourself for the treatment.

Please bear in mind that late arrival can lead to a reduced treatment time if there is another reservation directly after yours. No price reduction can be made in such cases.

Cancellations can be made without charge until 6.00 p. m. on the day before the appointment. In the case of a later cancellation, we reserve the right to full payment if the appointment cannot be allocated to another client.

To be sure of getting your preferred appointment time we recommend that you make the reservation when booking your room. You would then receive confirmation directly on arrival at the Bareiss.

Beauty & Spa Reception: daily from 8.00 a. m. to 6.00 p. m. Bathing and sauna facilities: daily from 7.30 a. m. to 7.30 p. m. Separate ladies’ sauna: daily from 8.00 a. m. to 7.30 p. m. Family sauna: daily from noon to 3.00 p. m. Fitness area: daily from 7.30 a. m. to 7.30 p. m.