… is considered a pioneer of holistic cosmetics. Her approach: natural beauty comes from within and is
predicated upon the balance of body, soul and spirit. Her products and treatments are based on selected phyto-extracts for the various treatments, leading to tangible results – proven over six decades.


… was founded in Paris in 1828. Right from the start, Guerlain developed extraordinary care and make-up products, as well as exclusive and timeless perfume classics for ladies and gentlemen. Guerlain was one of the first to succeed in exploiting the wonders of nature, perfecting their effects with the help of stateof-the-art technological developments. True to the motto: »Make good products. Never compromise on quality. Have simple ideas and implement them conscientiously.«


… offers first-class comprehensive care competence and pampers with innovative products. Maximum
value is placed on using natural and optimum ingredients that are finely co-ordinated with one another
and guarantee maximum compatibility and effectiveness. The family-run company follows a holistic care
approach for the wellbeing of the scalp, hair and skin with the best products – for beautiful, well-groomed hair and perfect styling.

… has been a pioneer in Thalasso therapy for more than 50 years and creates its treatments from the
power of the sea, whose wealth of minerals is contained in a highly concentrated form in marine algae.
These special plants are the basis of all Thalgo products and are almost unsurpassable regarding
efficient active ingredients, vitamins and trace elements. They are micro-pulverised in a patented process and can thus be particularly well absorbed by the skin.


… has made a name for itself with highly developed »cosmeceuticals« combined with innovative treatment techniques, such as microdermabrasion and micro-needling. The treatments have a regenerative, cell-activating and cell-renewing effect. They optimise skin texture and provide a tangible rejuvenation of the skin. All preparations are free from paraffin, silicone, parabens, PEGs and allergenic aromas.


…offers a complete standard range for professional make-up inspired by international beauty and
fashion trends. The high-quality products combine decorative aspects with selected ingredients for a
potent care effect and lasting radiance. Innovative concepts, finely nuanced colours and comfortably
light textures characterise Stagecolor as a premium supplier.


… is still a young brand. 100 % organic ingredients almost entirely sourced from highly monitored
organic cultivation with the highest demands regarding genuine natural quality form the basis
for the statement Bio Skin Care. The aim is for every product in the brand to contain the maximum
amount of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and trace elements in order to provide optimum
effects. The high-quality organic essences are free of any synthetic emulsifiers or artificial colourings,
parabens and paraffins.