Stars, wooden spoons, chefs' hats and hoods...

Heinz Horrmann once said: "If there was a first place for the best breakfast buffet that I have ever had in a hotel, the Bareiss would win it." Even if we are proud of the many awards that we can adorn ourselves with, ultimately one thing counts above all: that you, our guests, are satisfied with the Bareiss. This is what really makes us happy.

Awards Hotel (summary)

Hotel Bareiss: 5 star superior hotel

2017 Michelin Guide: four red houses

2017 Relax Guide: 4 lilies 19 point (out of 20)

2017 Gault-Millau Guide: Symbol for great luxury

2017 Varta Guide: fve diamonds (out of five)

2017 Aral Schlummer Atlas: five blue stars (out of five)

2017 Der Große Restaurant & Hotel Guide: five blue stars (out of five)

Prix Villégiature Awards 2012:
“Best Resort in Europe 2012” and
“Best Breakfast in a Hotel in Europe 2012”
Prix Villégiature Awards 2015:
“Best Reception and Best Service in a Hotel in Europe”

Hornstein Ranking 2010: Best Resort Hotels – First rank in the year 2010

2009 and 2010
The Hotel Bareiss in the Black Forest is numbered among the 100 best hotels in Europe in the hotel ranking contained in the February issue of GEOSaison – and among the ten best European wellness hotels within its category.

2008 Spa Trophy for Hermann Bareiss – Wellness at the highest Level
Within the scope of the Relais & Châteaux international showcase, which took place in Munich's Residenz on 11 March 2008, Hermann Bareiss was presented with the coveted Spa Trophy by Jaume Tàpies, the international president of Relais & Châteaux. Relais & Châteaux has an extraordinary collection of 146 wellness facilities in 28 countries at its disposal, which are all geared towards the well-being of their guests. The Hotel Bareiss was awarded the "Spa de Rêve", the highest category presented by Relais & Châteaux.

The Freizeit-Verlag Landsberg, a publishing house specialising in leisure and hotellerie, has awarded the Hotel Bareiss with the 2007 Wellness Aphrodite in the "Wellness Cuisine" category. The Wellness Aphrodite was presented in Basle on 16 November 2007 in seven categories as the symbol of the ultimate well-being experience.

Lifetime Award for Hermann Bareiss (Warsteiner 2016)

Awards Restaurant Bareiss (summary)

2017 Michelin Guide: *** (3 stars), 4 red forks and knives (* since 1984, ** since 1985, *** since 2007); Wine list with especially attractive choice

2017 Der Feinschmecker: 5 Fs out of 5 Fs

2017 Gault-Millau: 19 points, 4 chef's hat, 5 red forks and knives, Restaurant with great Luxury and especially pleasant atmosphere

2017 Der Große Restaurant & Hotel Guide: 5 out of 5 chef's hats, Restaurant with one of the best cuisines Service Performance: excellent

2017 Aral Schlemmer Atlas: 5 out of 5 spoons, outstanding service, outstanding wine list

2017 Varta Guide: 5 out of 5 diamonds: luxurious flair, first class service and extraordinary cooking skills; Varta tip: for cuisine and service

2017 Gusto Deutschland: 9 points out of 10 points/ 5 forks and knives out of 5

Claus-Peter Lumpp is the winner of the International Eckart Witzigmann Prize 2011 in the category Life Culture and Sustainability.

Gault Millau 2015 honoured Thomas Brandt as Maître of the Year.

Gault Millau 2017 honoured Stefan Leitner as Pastry Chef of the Year.

Distinctions Kaminstube (summary)

2017 Guide Michelin: 3 black forks and knives (out of five)

2017 Aral Schlemmer Atlas: 3 spoons, excellent wine list

2017 Der Feinschmecker: 2.5 F's (out of five)

2017 Der Große Restaurant & Hotel Guide: three chef's hats (out of five)

2017 Gault-Millau: 15 points, one chef's hat, four red forks and knives

2017 Varta-Guide: three diamonds out of five

Distinctions Dorfstuben (summary)

2017 Michelin Guide: 1 red fork ,"Bib Gourmand" good food at moderate price

2017 Gault-Millau: 15 points, two chef's hats, two red forks and knives

2017 Der Große Restaurant & Hotel Guide: three chef's hats (out of five)

2017 Aral Schlemmer Atlas: 3 spoons, service symbol

2017 Varta-Guide: one diamonds (out of five)

2017 Gusto Deutschland: 6 points out of 10 / 2 forks and knives out of 5