Awards Restaurant Bareiss (summary)

2017 Michelin Guide: *** (3 stars), 4 red forks and knives (* since 1984, ** since 1985, *** since 2007); Wine list with especially attractive choice

2017 Der Feinschmecker: 5 Fs out of 5 Fs

2017 Gault-Millau: 19 points, 4 chef's hat, 5 red forks and knives, Restaurant with great Luxury and especially pleasant atmosphere

2017 Der Große Restaurant & Hotel Guide: 5 out of 5 chef's hats, Restaurant with one of the best cuisines Service Performance: excellent

2017 Aral Schlemmer Atlas: 5 out of 5 spoons, outstanding service, outstanding wine list

2017 Varta Guide: 5 out of 5 diamonds: luxurious flair, first class service and extraordinary cooking skills; Varta tip: for cuisine and service

2017 Gusto Deutschland: 9 points out of 10 points/ 5 forks and knives out of 5

Claus-Peter Lumpp is the winner of the International Eckart Witzigmann Prize 2011 in the category Life Culture and Sustainability.

Gault Millau 2015 honoured Thomas Brandt as Maître of the Year.

Gault Millau 2017 honoured Stefan Leitner as Pastry Chef of the Year.