The 3-Star Restaurant Bareiss

The finest international cuisine of highest quality – focusing on the essentials, the taste and the naturalness of the aromas. This is the maxim of Claus-Peter Lumpp and his team – and it is convincing, from the greeting sent by the kitchen to the crowning close of the meal. At his side are Pâtissier Stefan Leitner, Maître Thomas Brandt for service, and Sommelier Teoman Mezda. A glance at the menu announces in plain words what promises to be a fulminant treat for the palate: enjoy the sweet foretaste and let your anticipation melt on the tongue.

Opening hours
Wednesday to Sunday, lunch from 12.00 a.m. and dinner from 7.00 p.m.
Monday and Tuesday are closing days.

Holiday periods
1 January 2020
10 February to 5 March 2020 (open again for dinner on 6 March)
27 July to 27 August 2020 (open again for dinner on 28 August)
24 December 2020 and 30/31 December 2020

Claus-Peter Lumpp –
one of Germany’s best chefs

3-Star chef Claus-Peter Lumpp is a textbook example of a Bareisser; he loves and lives for what he does, places cuisine on the grand stage, and is always true to himself in his being and his creativity. He trained here at our hotel before travelling through half of Europe and perfecting his handiwork at the highest level, alongside acclaimed chefs such as Eckart Witzigmann and Alain Ducasse. In his heart he has always remained a Bareisser, and he too returned to us some time and has since led the gourmet restaurant Bareiss with his team of 10 personnel.

The team at the Restaurant Bareiss

Claus-Peter Lumpp is accompanied by Pâtissier Stefan Leitner, Maître Thomas Brandt for service, and Sommelier Teoman Mezda. Each of them with proven expertise, an old hand in their speciality, and a reliable partner in our Bareiss. And one must not forget the team behind the scenes, who day-for-day do high-performance work in the kitchen.

Awards for the Restaurant Bareiss


  • Guide Michelin 2020: 3 stars, 4 red knives and forks (* since 1984, ** since 1985, *** since 2007)
  • Gault Millau 2020: 19 points, 4 chef’s toques, 5 red knives and forks
  • Der Feinschmecker 2020: 5 out of 5 »F«
  • Der Große Restaurant und Hotel Guide 2020: 5 out of 5 chef’s toques
  • Schlemmer-Atlas 2020: 5 out of 5 Schlemmer-Atlas spoons
  • Varta-Führer 2020: 5 out of 5 diamonds
  • Gault Millau 2017 honoured Stefan Leitner as Pâtissier of the Year
  • Gault Millau 2015 honoured Thomas Brandt as Maître of the Year
  • Claus-Peter Lumpp is the winner of the International Eckart Witzigmann Prize 2011 in the category Life Culture and Sustainability