Historical farmhouse ensemble: The Morlokhof

Living history and the present

The historical Morlokhof is one of the oldest and best preserved farms in the upper Murg Valley. It was built by Johann Georg Morlok in 1789 and, according to traditional writings and handed-down legends, has a mystical past. Hermann Bareiss purchased this jewel high up on the hill at the edge of Mitteltal in 2003 and, following extensive renovation work, made it accessible to the public again. The ensemble of buildings – consisting of the main house, the cottage and the small bakery – has been complemented with a vegetable and herb garden, fruitful orchards, and the Patron’s three beehives. Our guests enjoy the harvest in the form of handmade products in the Bareiss restaurants and at the Bareiss Beauty & Spa.

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We bring history back to life during tours and events; there are also parlours, a hayloft and the cottage garden that provide a perfect backdrop for occasions and celebrations of all types.
Join us here for a brief journey through the centuries...

More than 200 years of living history

There have been Morloks in Mitteltal for eleven generations. Proof of their existence has been documented in church books since 1610. Originally housed in the Ödenhof, Johann Georg Morlok built the farmhouse on the outskirts of Mitteltal in 1789 and lived, like his ancestors, as a farmer. But at the same time he was, like his ancestors and later his successors, a faith healer. They »found« lost cattle that had wandered off, or objects that had been mislaid, and they could cure illnesses by the laying of hands or the production of tinctures and mixtures.

During restoration of the Morlokhof, workers made a sensational find: more than 130 handwritten drawings, letters and pages from printed medical books. It turned out that at least four, perhaps even six, different Morloks had gathered the available knowledge since the early 18th century and thus made it available to the following generations. Some of the drawings are in Latin or Hebrew and evoke numerous Catholic saints – unusual for Protestant Mitteltal. There were also tinctures in small vials and the corresponding formulations.

The last of the Morloks, Friedrich Morlok, died in a Russian prisoner-of-war camp in 1945. Hermann Bareiss bought the Morlokhof in 2003.

Events at the Morlokhof

Why all the fuss about the Morlok family of faith healers? How did the people live here in those days? How and for what purpose are herbs, vegetables and the orchard fruit from the Morlokhof used at the Hotel Bareiss? What traditions, what traditional pleasures, and what recipes from those days still exist? Enjoy an exciting encounter with the past and visit the Morlokhof for a culinary and cultural experience during our exclusive events.
We are delighted to invite you!

Sitting round the table with the »old Morlok« in German

We have an appointment with the »old Morlok« and other originals at the Morlokhof every Thursday evening: weekly changing protagonists tell our guests about selected episodes in the history of the house and its inhabitants, guide us around the estate, and accompany you in their own inimitable ways during the subsequent meal together. The alter ego of the faith healer is acted out by Frank Gaiser. As a charcoal burner, Thomas Faisst provides insights into a craft that was long carried out by the inhabitants of the Murg Valley. In addition, actor Max Ruhbaum from the Baden-Baden Theatre will take our guests as "Petermännle" himself into the legends of the Black Forest in and around Mitteltal or inspire them with entertaining and literary anecdotes about the Morlokhof and its contemporaries.

Old regional dishes, whose recipes have been carefully translated for the modern period, are served in the parlours. Hotel guests and à-la-carte guests are cordially invited; participation must be pre-arranged and is not part of the Bareiss half-board.

Please contact our Reservations team with your booking enquiry or to obtain further details on, for example, when the event starts and the shuttle service from the hotel’s main entrance.

Telephone +49 7442 47-0
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Hikes with a visit to the estate

An invitation to a nostalgic coffee table, a visit to the herbal garden or an excursion to the beehives – every Tuesday we organise a hike with a visit to the estate; the focal points vary and change according to the season.

Guided farm tours are also offered as part of the Holiday Programme, the tour lasts about 60 minutes.

The excursions are reserved for our hotel guests only. They are part of the Holiday Programme, which provides current information on these trips.

Heritage Day

The Morlokhof opens its gates to an interested public once a year, during the nationwide »Heritage Day« event, which always takes place on the second Sunday of September with special tours. Whereby the vegetable and herb garden, beehives, orchards and woodworking are included, in addition to the ensemble of buildings. Bareiss chefs offer their traditional Black Forest specialities, tray baking and coffee. The »Trachtenkapelle Mitteltal« (traditional band in costume) provides a musical accompaniment.

»Heritage Day«
Always from 11.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. on 2nd Sunday in September.
Entry is free-of-charge.

Celebrate at the Morlokhof

Special occasions are not an everyday occurrence so they deserve a location that recognises their due status and where an invitation is an unforgettable experience. The Morlokhof provides space for individual wishes and – with its parlours and hayloft, stables, bakery and farmer’s garden – offers almost unlimited possibilities in a wonderful secluded location. Whether a Champagne reception, a decadal birthday or dream wedding, whether in summer in the sunshine outdoors or by candlelight in the snug warm parlours in winter, we will provide all-round advice and gladly organise your »party of parties« for you!

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