Stars, wooden spoons, chefs' hats and hoods...

Heinz Horrmann once said: "If there was a first place for the best breakfast buffet that I have ever had in a hotel, the Bareiss would win it." Even if we are proud of the many awards that we can adorn ourselves with, ultimately one thing counts above all: that you, our guests, are satisfied with the Bareiss. This is what really makes us happy.

Awards Hotel (summary)

  • Hotel Bareiss: 5 star superior Hotel
  • Guide Michelin 2018: four red houses
  • Der Große Restaurant & Hotel Guide 2019: five blue stars (out of five)
  • Varta-Guide 2019: five diamonds (out of five)
  • Schlummer Atlas 2019: five "Schlummer-Atlas" stars (out of five)
  • Relax Guide 2019: 4 lilies, 19 points (out of 20)
  • The "Gastronomische Akademie Deutschlands" honours Hermann Bareiss and Eckart Witzigmann 2017 with the 20th Rumohrring
  • Lifetime Award for Hermann Bareiss (Warsteiner 2016)
  • Prix Villégiature Awards 2015 »Best Reception and best Service in Europe"
  • Prix Villégiature Awards 2012 »Best Resort in Europe 2012« und »Best breakfast in a hotel in Europe 2012«