70 Jahre Bareiss

Sport at the Bareiss.

Physical activity increases wellbeing, regardless of what tempo and what type of sport is involved – the metabolism is stimulated, the immune system fortified, and the mind liberated. At the same time, here at the Bareiss there is also a multi-faceted experience in nature that can liberate additionally motivating feelings, while having a decelerating and harmonising effect. Take advantage of the opportunity for a new experience, or continue your outdoor training plan also while being on holidays – there are numerous options here, as well as a weekly sports programme that is free-of-charge.

We offer our guests a free range of taster courses from Monday to Saturday, changing daily. The training is suitable for beginners and advanced participants of all ages, and requires no advance knowledge. Whenever possible the courses take place outdoors, otherwise in our Gymnastics Room. Independent of these offers, appointments can also be arranged for private training courses.


We ask for your understanding that courses are subject to seasonal and weather-related changes.

An extract from our current programme of courses:
♦  Water gymnastics             ♦  Stretching
♦  Yoga for beginners♦  Nordic Walking
♦  Smovey rings♦  Jakobsen progressive muscle relaxation
♦  Back exercises♦  Autogenic training


One-to-one training under professional direction:
♦  Yoga♦  Strengthening of the back muscles
♦  Mobilisation of the hip joints♦  Balance training
♦  Mobilisation of the shoulders                 ♦  Fasciae training
♦  Stabilisation of the vertebrae            ♦  Others on request