Family holidays in the Black Forest

The Bareiss World for Children and Families

We are committed to being the most family-friendly hotel in Europe, and we do everything we can to make our young guests as happy as our adult ones. Our well-coordinated team always knows how to surprise the younger ones and make every day into something special. Because free time is the greatest luxury of all, and a family holiday in the Black Forest should be an unforgettable experience for parents and children alike. That's why there are favourite places and retreats for all ages, qualified supervision and a varied programme that changes every week – for Minis, Maxis and Teens, or even for the whole family to get involved.

The Bareiss was awarded the Prix Villégiature award for »Best Hotel for Children in the World« in Paris in October 2022.

During the holiday periods, children aged 4 to 17 will get a 30% discount on stays of 4 nights or more in an extra bed in their parents' room. During these holiday periods, the Bareiss Children's Village is open daily from 9.00 a.m. till 11.00 p.m. Outside the holiday periods it is open until 6.00 p.m. on weekdays, and until 11.00 p.m. on fridays, saturdays and bank holiday weekends. Participation is voluntary, anyone can join. For infants under 3 years of age, we are happy to organise experienced babysitters by arrangement.

Holiday Periods 2024 
Winter holidays:01.01. to 07.01.2024
Carnival holidays:08.02. to 14.02.2024
Easter holidays:22.03. to 07.04.2024 
Pentecost holidays:17.05. to 02.06.2024 
Summer holidays:28.06. to 08.09.2024 
Autumn holiday:11.10. to 03.11.2024 

Culinary day
The children's table in the Villa Sternenstaub will be (in addition to the other meals offered as part of the Bareiss half-board) set for lunch from noon to 2 p.m. In the Bareiss restaurants, guests with children are welcome in the evening from 6.30 pm.

The following prices apply for an extra bed or sofa bed in the single or double room flat - incl. Bareiss half-board, per child and per night:

Kinder bis 3 Jahre sind eingeladen.
4-6 years old 115 €
7-11 years old 145 €
12-17 years old 180 €
18+  210 €

When the 1st or 2nd person in a double room is a child under 7, the room is charged for single use. When the child is over 7, the usual prices in the price list apply.

* Each valid within the framework of Bareiss half-board.

Minis, Maxis & Teens


Ages 3 to 6

Romping around, handicrafts and painting, reading aloud and dreaming – the Minis are in the best of hands with our Villa Kunterbunt team. The mood will be full of sunshine whatever the weather because our imagination is an inexhaustible treasure chest, our telescope to the stars and the key to fairy tales.


Ages 7 to 11

Discover and observe, play and learn, stand on your head and marvel – the Maxis conquer new terrain every day at the Bareiss Children’s Village. They can slip into different roles, develop creativity, try their hand as master chefs in the children’s kitchen or as acrobats in the playground, and much more.


Age 12 plus

Spreading your wings and exploring, inventing and researching, designing and crafting – the Teens can have fun in the youth club in the House of Games, in the project workshop or on extended exploration tours. There are many opportunities to play sports and be active outdoors around the local area.


The Bareiss Children’s Village

Villa Kunterbunt, Villa Sternenstaub and the House of Games, the adventure and water playgrounds, the tree house, playground, circus wagon and merry-go-round – it never gets boring at the Bareiss Children’s Village, and new friends are made very quickly. We cook and eat together in our 7-star restaurant, dance and party in the B-Club – and enjoy cowboy romance and the magic of starry nights around the campfire. It's actually quite a pity that a day like this is only 24 hours long, even for us. But we give our all on every single one of them!


Bareiss Riding Stables

It’s a special kind of happiness – dusty riding boots, shining eyes, wonder: contact with ponies and horses is a wonderful experience for children and a great opportunity for them to learn many valuable things. Because there is a lot more to it than just climbing into the saddle, you have to learn to understand horses. At the Bareiss Riding Stables there is a wide range of opportunities to get to know our four-legged friends and to gain confidence in our riding arena step by step.




The Bareiss Animal World

Sometimes one thing leads to another and they complement each other perfectly. Life can bring about unexpected and beautiful things – that’s how the Bareiss animal world came into being over time. It has continued to grow steadily, and now we have our own little zoo here, much to the delight of our younger and older guests – animals do us all good. Whether you see rabbits or goats, ponies or fallow deer – they will help you relax and forget everything else for a wonderful while.

Bareiss Holiday Camps

Five days full programme

Become an outdoor professional, a kicker hero or a horse whisperer in one of our holiday camps which promise to give a unique experience for five days in a row to all those who prefer to make common cause with other young people. Having fun will, of course, be the first priority. The people in charge here are all professionals in their fields, and know exactly what it means to fully devote oneself to a matter. Or arouse enthusiasm for this in others. So: join in and make this your summer!