Active out-and-about

Cabriolet Spirit

Enjoy a flying start, heading towards the sun with the wind in your hair: we have redesigned the familiar format for summer and come up with our own parade of convertible vehicles. This enables new and old cabriolets to take part, expanding the circle of participants. Because, in this matter, we are, of course, absolutely open.

The arrangement includes the following:

  • 4 nights with the Bareiss half-board
  • Sunday: welcoming talk by Kai Schmalzried with handover of route books
  • daily outings with interesting cultural and culinary pit stops
  • Wednesday evening: ceremony for all participants in the Library, and a meal together in the Dorfstuben
V. Cabriolet Spirit


Arrangement price for 5 days / 4 nights
from 1,912 € Single room | from 2,012 € Single room apartment | from 1,802 € Double room* | from 1,942 € Double room, large* | from 2,102 € Double room apartment I* | from 2,202 € Double room apartment II* | from 2,302 € Suite*

Registration deadline for the Carbriolet Spirit: 3 weeks before arrival. Minimum number of participants: 5 vehicles

* The prices are expressed per person and depend on the booked room category. You may not combine this package with other packages. Thank you. Alterations and partial contribution are possible.