Culture weeks

Classical concerts, cabaret, comedy and readings form the framework programme – enriched by special encounters spending time with the artists. All the events involve one thing: the inner calm required for leisure, relaxation and letting go – so that everyday stresses and tensions dissolve in the wonderful moments and thoughts inspired by the events.

Culture week 2019:
17.11. - 24.11.2019

18.11.2019: Karsten Gnettner and Bernd Hess (Double Bass and Acoustic Guitar)
19.11.2019: Charlie Martin (Magic Entertainment)
20.11.2019: Reading with Johannes Smeets
21.11.2019: Morlokhof Evening with Jakob Friedrich Morlok
22.11.2019: Inna Kautzleben and Doris Drechsler (Piano and Violin)
23.11.2019: Quintet Gerlinger Family

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