Hotel for Children in the Black Forest

Unlimited Fun and Games

The Bareiss Children’s Village offers children and young people their own areas and favourite places for a varied holiday in the best of company. Different rules apply here than in our main hotel and the different age groups are left to themselves – under excellent supervision from our staff. The idea is simple: Happy holidays for everyone – however you like!

The Villa Kunterbunt

Villa Kunterbunt is just a few steps away from the main hotel and is a child-friendly paradise for romping around and dreaming, spread over two floors. It is like having a kindergarten at home; there is singing, painting and crafting together; lego cities, castles and fortresses grow out of nowhere. In the pillow room you can cuddle up and read stories aloud to each other, in the ball pool you can dive or fish. Racing cars, diggers and trains are there to be driven, fantasy figures and balloon animals start talking and Ella, Lisa and Louis are waiting in the doll corner.

The Villa Sternenstaub

A children’s kitchen, herb garden and 7-star restaurant, a room for watching films, and a small fairytale room in the attic: in Villa Sternenstaub we dive into other worlds and get to work with the Bareiss chefs. We cook, eat, laugh and learn together. Traditional doughnuts are baked at Shrovetide, chocolate nests are made at Easter, colourful ice cream creations are invented in summer, mocktail courses are held whenever you fancy and gingerbread houses are eaten at Christmas time. Kneading cake dough, topping pizzas, making lemonade – this is where you find the sweet life.

Youth club in the House of Games

The B-Club and Gaming Room, billiards, table tennis and table football, a big screen for film nights, a modern sound system and free Wi-Fi everywhere: the ground floor in the House of Games is our youth club and the entire floor is set up for teenagers. The B-Club is the place for regular parties, to improve your best score in the gaming room with the PS5, Xbox and Wii, and to munch on popcorn during film nights. Dice, cards and boardgame players will also be happy to find like-minded people and get stuck into the game collection here; it ranges from Ludo to Settlers of Catan and »I bet you didn’t know…«.

The Treehouse

High up, a little hidden in the treetops, we have built a rather unusual tree house. It is round like a huge drum and has portholes all around, similar to those on ships. So inside you never quite know whether you are in the sky or at sea. If you go out to the lookout, you can watch birds and other animals, and when we lie up there on the cushions, we often imagine it’s a cloud swing. A perfect place to daydream. Or to make new plans.

Adventure playground

A huge pirate ship, a barbecue area, spacious play areas and exciting play equipment as well as a sand pit for building castles. On a summer day, you can board the stranded pirate ship, enjoy an extended picnic and bake bread over the fire. Or play cowboys and Indians and make up a treasure hunt. Or you could simply listen to the birds chirping or build a dam at the watering hole. And the trampoline not only makes the hearts of our younger guests beat faster…

Water playground

The water playground is located in the Bareiss Forest Park and will encourage learning new skills and fostering team spirit. It takes a little strength, some practice and good teamwork to get the pump station moving smoothly and to operate all the levers at the same time. Once you’ve got the hang of it, handling the sluices, water wheels and bucket wheels is great fun. »Water march!« is the watchword and that means »Watch out!«. Who will make the most beautiful fountains, who will be the new champion of the Bareiss Water Games?