The Hotel Bar

Hemingway would have liked it...

Truthfully, now – a bar lives from the magic of its atmosphere, from the barman, from its interior and from the music that is played there. Receiving a well-poured glass of beer with a nice head or a perfectly crafted cocktail is one thing; attraction comes from the other things: the special aspect, the unique feature, and the authenticity not found everywhere. That is another reason why we still cherish our man at the piano and invite you to dance.

The Bar menu

Whether aperitif or digestif, an elegant whisky or a fine rum, cocktails of international calibre, bubbly Champagne, a distinctive port, or traditional fruit brandy – our bar menu contains a comprehensive selection of international and regional spirits. And there is no question about it: drinks can also be thrilling without alcohol – and there is far more than mineral water and apple spritzer here.

The Hotel Bar team

Our Bar Manager Michael Proettel has a quality that makes a lonely night into an unforgettable revelation: he is a real cocktail specialist and a gifted storyteller; he knows the background and origin of every composition. He is also well versed in gin, whisky and rum – and you can be sure that he likes telling these stories.

The Smokers’ Lounge

A pleasure for some, a burden to others – we have made a virtue of necessity and created, with the Smokers’ Lounge, a room with stylish ambiance for pure pleasure, where smokers are permitted to indulge their passion. The Hotel Bar has since been completely smoke-free and, ultimately, all have gained.

Hermann and Hannes Bareiss personally undertook its design. The result: an English interior. Hand-sewn leather armchairs, oak parquet and dark-red walls, an old fireplace, pictures of collector calibre and bookshelves with bibliophile editions. Those who wish to, can fulfil one or other desire to mark the occasion – and make a selection from 40 cigar formats from Cuba, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic; 25 rums from Jamaica, Bermuda, Guayana, etc.; and 65 single malts from the lowlands and the highlands, from the Isle of Skye, Orkney, Islay, etc., etc., etc.