The Bareiss Water Park

Jump into the cold water - simply refreshing

Our pool environment of our wellness & spa hotel in the Black Forest has grown continuously over time, and now extends over an indoor and outdoor area totalling 6,000 m². With freshwater, seawater and natural bathing pools; with a green sunbathing lawn, roofed wicker beach chairs and family loungers for swinging to and fro in the open air; and with its own easily visible play and paddling zone for small children. For refreshing variety and time to dream.


The outdoor Bareiss leisure pool

The sunbathing lawn in the outdoor area of the Bareiss Pool Environment is to each their own: outdoor leisure pool, sun deck, summer lounge, dream swing, family pavilion, garden hideaway, etc., etc., etc. As the mood takes one – here you are guaranteed to find a superb little place for yourself, and somewhere to cool down refreshingly on warm days.

The outdoor seawater pool

Available all year, connected with the indoor pool, and equipped with a massage flow channel, dousing showers, neck jets, massage whirl loungers, a water mushroom and floor whirl jets. The seawater is at a comfortable 34°C.

The outdoor freshwater pool

A summer pleasure with the option of swimming lengths. The large outdoor pool (18 x 8 m²) is open from May to October with warm water at 24–26°C.

The natural bathing pool

The pool combines several ponds with wooden jetties for relaxing on, a waterfall and a lovingly crafted natural garden. The dragonflies are also happy to be here – and wonderful to watch.

Sand beach with roofed wicker beach chairs

A light maritime breeze wafts over our sand beach, and if one did not know better one would think one was at the sea instead of at the heart of the Black Forest. Only the seagulls are absent – their calls are missing...

Family loungers and family pavilions

The family is gathered cosily in comfortable hanging loungers, and the pavilions extend sunny days with a snug private sphere and a delicious snack. Also with the new friends next door.


The Bareiss indoor pool area

Freshwater and seawater pools as well as a children’s area, massage whirlpool, the Pool Bistro and the Quiet Room: the sun shines during all seasons in the indoor pool area, and everything is bathed in a comfortably soft light. Here, time gains a new dimension, aesthetes become early risers, and rainy days become fantastic revelations. And that’s exactly as it should be.

The freshwater pool

The water temperature is a comfortable 28°C and the pool is 16 x 6 m² – big enough for athletic swimming.

The seawater pool

Warm water at 34°C with air bubble system and a fountain for an excellent hydrotherapeutic effect: the skin becomes receptive, the oxygen content of the blood is stimulated, the circulation and metabolism are activated, tissues and muscles are massaged and relaxed. 

The whirlpool

The whirlpool offers wonderful relaxation, with a comfortable bubble effect at 38°C.

The children’s paddling pool

Bareiss bathing fun with water games at 36°C – ideal for the very young, and easily visible from all the pools and from the loungers.


The Bareiss Pool Bistro

For the perfect start to the day, with a delicious vitality breakfast, you are awaited at the Bareiss Pool Bistro from as early as 7.00 a.m. Newspapers straight off the presses are provided for your morning read. During the day, and into the evening hours, the bistro offers drinks and tasty snacks from the menu – served at the tables in the Pool Bistro, directly at your relaxation lounger and, in summer, on the »Oasis« Terrace outdoors.