Sauna world in the Black Forest

Healthy Sweating!

The Bareiss Sauna World opens up a true oasis of wellbeing – with a bio-sauna and Finnish sauna, sanarium, steam room, hot whirlpool, water therapy, immersion bath, Kneipp walking pool and spacious Quiet Room with the Fireplace Lounge. Two outdoor whirlpools (at 32°C and 36°C) maintain comfortable temperatures for relaxing and cooling down. The refreshment buffet – with delicious small surprises – is the crowning glory: please help yourself!


The saunas at the Bareiss

Finnish sauna, bio-sauna or sanarium? A question of the temperature and one’s sensitivity to heat: find exactly the right setting and enjoy the benefit of healthy perspiration. With or without infusion. As a combination programme or a single sitting – it strengthens the immune system and does the body good!

The Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is perfused with air at comfortable 90°C and supports relaxation with a breathtaking view of the delightful Black Forest landscape.

The bio-sauna

A beneficial vitality bath with a room temperature of about 60°C and humidity of between 30% and 45%.

The ladies’ sanarium

A gentle sweatbox with a balancing play of light – only for the ladies – for switching off at a room temperature of 60°C and humidity of between 30% and 45%.

Steam baths

Submerge yourself in a fine fog

At a constant 42°C and with a fine flush of atomized spray at regular intervals: the temperatures are moderate in the steam baths and the humidity is 100%. This generates its own microclimate and that is exactly how it feels. A good opportunity for a gentle introduction for sauna beginners and a popular supplement to the sauna session for experienced sauna fans.

The herbal steam bath

Temperature 42°C, humidity at 100%.

The ladies’ rose steam bath

Cleansing and clarifying with steam and aromatic aromas – only for the ladies. Temperature 42°C, humidity at 100%. 

The Fireplace Lounge and Sauna Garden

Relax by the crackling fire!

The Fireplace Lounge (redesigned in 2012 with spacious loungers) allows you to relax in the cosy atmosphere of a crackling fire and watch the flickering of the flames. Are they wild or totally at peace? What are they saying? And how do you feel here? Those who feel a need to cool off can step outside into the Bareiss Sauna Garden where, in addition to loungers, two whirlpools with warm water at 32°C and 36°C await you. Whatever you prefer: let go of everything and relax completely!