The Children’s Village – limitless fun and games

The Bareiss Children’s Village offers children and youths their own space and favourite spots for days full of variety in the best of company. The rules here are different from those in our main building, and the various age groups are – except for the supervisors – left to themselves. The creed is: a super holiday for everyone – and each how they prefer it! Minis, Maxis and Teens are professionally looked after during the main German school holiday periods from 9.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. every day.

The Villa Kunterbunt

The two-storey Villa Kunterbunt is the Bareiss children’s house for our youngest guests from 3 years of age. It is located only a few steps from the main building and opens up a play paradise set up especially for small children for laughing, playing and dreaming. Things here are actually similar to the kindergarten at home; the children sing, paint and make things together and, towards the end of the day, tidy up together. So that everything is in its place the next morning, and the fun can start again from the beginning.

The Villa Sternenstaub

Fairy tales and a Lego room, the 7-Star Restaurant, herbal garden and petting zoo – the Villa Sternenstaub provides space for unlimited imagination and child-oriented pleasure. The up-and-coming sorcerer’s apprentices are introduced to cooking and baking by our Bareiss chefs, the vegetable garden is worked on together with sowing, hoeing and weeding – and the harvest is turned into delicious meals. Every day spent here seems to be simply too short, so we sometimes, now and again, occasionally, make an exception and all spend the night here.

The Treehouse

High above, a bit hidden away in the treetop, we have built a quite unusual treehouse. It is circular like an enormous drum, and has little windows all round it like those on a ship. So those inside never really know whether they are underway in the sky or at sea. When you go out to the crow’s nest you can observe birds and other animals, and when you stay indoors and lie on the cushions for an afternoon nap you can imagine that you are on a swing in the clouds.

The circus wagon

A wooden house on wheels, a covered wagon, a Punch and Judy show – the circus wagon can be whatever your imagination wants it to be. This is where we let the puppets do the directing, the mice dance and the carpet fly, we sing our own songs, load up Pippi, Thomas and Anika – and, whenever necessary, we magic a rabbit out of the hat. Drop in if you don’t believe me: the circus wagon is our fire-red mobile playroom, our performers’ changing room, and an open stage for all!

The water playground

The water playground is located in the Bareiss »Waldpark« and promotes dexterity and team spirit. It needs a little strength, some practice, and good interaction to get the pumping station running smoothly and to operate all the levers simultaneously. When one has the hang of it it’s great fun handling the locks, water wheels and scooper wheels. »Bring on the water!« is the watchword, and that means »Look out!«: Who can make the most beautiful fountain dance? Who will be the new ace at the Bareiss water games? We are already very excited!

The adventure playground and Lakota Ranch

An enormous pirate ship, a real cowboy cabin and a real tepee, lots of space to play in, and exciting play equipment, as well as a small sand desert for building castles in. Sitting around the campfire at the Lakota Ranch on a summer evening, roasting sausages and listening to stories is an adventure that will not be quickly forgotten. The pesky Native Americans from the afternoon are quickly put out of one’s mind and the water attractions can wait – the moon is never higher than during Bareiss western time.

The House of Games

Chill and chat, play and movement, sofa cinema and sound: the House of Games is a special meeting point at the Bareiss a converted two-storey apartment house with 8 rooms, equipped with lots of possibilities and modern technology. Young people are among themselves in the basement area; there is for example a large screen TV and a Wii station, free wifi of course, our B-Club, a pool table, table football and table hockey. The House of Games ist open until 11.00 p.m. during the holiday periods.