Active holidays in the Black Forest

Active out and about

Life offers so many opportunities – and people develop passions that have to be nourished and lived. Also during holidays. Or particularly then. Anglers, fans of fly fishing, and enthusiasts of historical vehicles are sincerely welcome to pursue their passions with us here at the hotel. Those who have always wanted to ride in a carriage or be driven in a horse-drawn sleigh will find what they are looking for here...


In their element on our hunting grounds

The hotel’s own hunting grounds (the »Breitmiß« and »Weiherhalde«) with an area of about 500 hectares are located in the heart of the red deer territory of the »Northern Black Forest«. The vegetation is characterised by spruce and fir, thickets and clearings, and equipped with 10 platforms and 5 tree stands at altitudes of up to 900 m, easily reached via well-marked paths. Impressive animal observations can be made here during the early morning hours and at dusk, and the company of our experienced hunting guides guarantees exclusive locations. We have collated details on the wildlife population, as well as on the prerequisites for one’s own hunting, in our hunting brochure – please contact our Reception team if you are interested.

»Hunting« brochure


Trout and fly fishing

Just for once, sweep wide and land a big fish: the hotel’s own fishing ground on the River Ellbach offers beginners and passionate fishing enthusiasts the opportunity of trout and fly fishing. Our guides provide a professional introduction, and accompany you on guided tours to the best locations on this body of water. We publish our guidelines for anglers for all those who are also interested in the region’s most popular spots, and would be pleased to send the brochure to you on request.

»Angling« brochure

Vintage car excursions

Travel like in the old days: as part of our Holiday Programme we organise a variety of group excursions to the most popular destinations in the Black Forest. Take our vintage bus to, for example, Strasburg or Baden-Baden, Hohenzollern Castle or Gernsbach for a tranquil journey along routes that offer wonderful views. Our chauffeurs enrich each tour with interesting stories and all sorts of interesting facts about the countryside and its people.

Carriage rides and horse-drawn sleighs

Enjoy an excursion with the Wanke family of coachmen and -women and gain a completely new understanding of horsepower: strong Black Forest chestnuts proudly glide you through the countryside at an elegant gallop. On your winter holiday in the Black Forest, when snow is lying on the ground, the carriage is simply exchanged for a sleigh. We would be pleased to provide you with information on the various tours, as well as other details.