Sustainable fish farming: Healthy growth with vision

Energetically shaping history and the present

Forward-looking action and visionary thinking have always characterised our entrepreneurial awareness. Connectedness with the region and its people is our daily commitment, and an abundant spring of new trailblazing ideas. Learning from nature, encountering it respectfully, and opening it up to guests, locals or regional visitors in an authentic way is a maxim that constantly exercises us.

The Forellenhof Buhlbach trout farm, our Morlokhof and the Sattelei Hiking Cabin are organic examples of how a meaningful transition from the traditional to the modern can succeed. While projects that serve both conservation and sustainability create viable perspectives for a shared future.


A visible vision of the future

Thanks to its unique standalone location in the Buhlbach conservation area, right from the start the concept of the Forellenhof fish farm was more broadly formulated and was designed as part of a larger whole. The location’s architecture has been carefully matched with its surroundings, providing a natural sanctuary for plants and animals in unspoilt surroundings – the impression remains traditional, while the selection of materials and the technology is based on the latest standards. Thus, for example, regional timber has been used and the buildings are heated with pellets.


A consistently sustainable strategy

Significant conservation of resources, dependable climate resilience and responsible food production: in our fish farming, gastronomy and Forellenlädle trout shop we follow our aspiration for economically, socially and ecologically sustainable management with clear objectives. This is assured by a well thought-out and consistently implemented strategy based on collaboration with experts from a variety of disciplines to ensure that concrete progress is achieved with measurable facts – and can be experienced by our guests during tours of the facilities.

Our fish farmers elucidate the prerequisites for species-appropriate breeding and quality-aware preparation to those interested, providing insights into fish farming and explaining modern processes such as water treatment and its recirculation.


Social responsibility

Attractive workplaces and meaningful activities create trusting relationships and are a strong driving force for excellent performance. A healthy local business safeguards incomes and the quality of life. We plan sustainable collaborations, preferably long-term – and dependable partnerships make many things possible and lead to shared tasks.

All employees at the Forellenhof Buhlbach are Bareissers and a fixed element of our core staff. Most of our suppliers and service providers are local or regional – and implementation of the Forellenhof construction project largely took place using regional installers.