70 years of the Bareiss

Our Bareiss is 70!

2021 is another exceptionally auspicious year for us: we have a decadal birthday at the hotel – and we want to share and celebrate it with you.

We will not be celebrating on a particular day or over a long weekend, but for the entire 12 months. Not with a public reception or an official invitation, but with the wish to involve as many guests as possible here with us. Join us in indulging in memories, and look back with the family on 70 incredible years: there are many good stories to tell, and we will serve up unforgotten classics. There will, of course, be more than enough of the large cake for everyone!

The weather was a bit cold for the time of year, it was said, when Hermine Bareiss opened the »Kurhotel Mitteltal« on 1 May 1951. This was unable to dampen her pleasure, and those of her guests, because our founder was an all-round positive-thinking woman.

A useful trait that she also passed on to us – in addition to so many other valuable things. That is why we firmly believe that the sun will shine richly on us during this jubilee year and that we will be able to raise our glasses with you. And the date was a clever choice because every birthday at our Bareiss is a real feast day!

For all who spontaneously feel like a little time travel:
this will take you to the whole story.