Our Bareiss – a success story 

Owner-managed in third generation

Good stories write themselves; one thing leads to another – and they go on and on: what began with the opening of the »Kurhotel Mitteltal« in 1951, now presents itself as an owner-led 5-Star hotel in the third generation.

Founder Hermine Bareiss did the groundwork and is still ever-present: »There is no ‘no’ for the guest« has become our dictum – and this may also be a reason why we constantly set ourselves new objectives and continuously grow.
A glance at the family chronicles shows the milestones of our family history.

The founder: Hermine Bareiss, née Schmalzried, late 1920s.

1904Birth of Jakob Christian Bareiss.
1913Birth of Hermine Schmalzried.
1939Hermine Schmalzried and Forester Jakob Bareiss marry.
1942Birth of daughter Heide Bareiss.
1944Birth of son Hermann Bareiss.
1945Jakob Bareiss killed in final week of World War 2.
1947Hermine Bareiss takes over the »Gasthaus Kranz« on the Ruhesteinstrasse in Mitteltal.

The founder’s mother:
Emma Schmalzried (1884–1958).

1950Hermine Bareiss purchases land on the Gärtenbühl and immediately starts building work on the »Kurhotel Mitteltal«.
1951Opening of the »Kurhotel Mitteltal« as a 25-bed hotel on 1 May.
1953/54First expansion of guest rooms and construction of two new restaurants.
1957Creation of a guest house – still separate from the main building. Total number of beds: 58.
1962/63Construction of the bungalow with 17 beds.
1964/65Connection of the main building with the guest house, construction of hotel hall.
1969Extension on the main building with indoor swimming pool, sauna, sport and games centre, as well as medical balneotherapy unit.
1970Establishment of the Hubertusstuben (restaurants) and conference rooms.
1973Hotel management taken over by Hermann Bareiss.
1974–76  Hotel modified more than at any time in its history so far: Building is expanded to three floors. During this building phase the à-la-carte restaurant Rôtisserie St. Hubertus, two conference rooms, a bowling alley with two lanes, a new kitchen and the panorama terrace are created. Total number of beds: 178.
1976Hermine Bareiss sets up the Lädle gift shop.
1978Expansion of the pool area with indoor seawater and massage therapy pools. Opening of the Schwarzwaldstube restaurant.
1978/79Renovation of the east wing with addition of a four-floor rotunda.
1981Opening of the Fashion Boutique.
1982Division of the Rôtisserie St. Hubertus restaurant and redesign as two restaurants – the Kaminstube and the gourmet Restaurant Bareiss (for which a second kitchen was set up).
1984Extension to the west wing and conversion of single rooms to create double room apartments. The first luxury suite (120 m²) in the pool area. Modernisation and expansion of the sauna area with three new saunas, an indoor hot whirlpool and two outdoor whirlpools.
1985Opening of the outdoor freshwater pool with large lounger area and Oasis pool restaurant.
1987Enlargement of the hotel hall with a round porch. Creation of the Leisure and Shopping Passage with the Fashion Boutique, Lädle, Cosmetics Studio, Hairdressers, Music Room, Library, Air Rifle Shooting Range and Children’s Paradise.
1988The central section of the hotel is supplemented with the penthouse floor.
1989Opening of the Landhaus Suite in the bungalow.
1990Opening of the Penthouse Suite with its own sauna, whirlpool and solarium.
1992Name changed from the »Kurhotel Mitteltal« to the »Hotel Bareiss in the Black Forest«. Extension of the east wing with 11 new apartments and suites, new total number of beds: 215. Construction and opening of the Dorfstuben, opening of the seawater adventure pool, enlargement of the Hotel Bar and the Forest Park and Trout Pool areas.
1993A fire in October makes it necessary to redesign the Kaminstube, Restaurant Bareiss and Hubertus Stuben restaurants, as well as the Reception hall and the restaurant entrance. The Cake Buffet is created, the first Herb Garden is laid down, and a paddling pool is installed in the Pool Environment for our youngest guests.
1994Opening of the Villa Kunterbunt, the Adventure Playground and the Forest Park.
1997Expansion of the lounger area in the indoor swimming pool. Redesign of the Hermine-Bareiss-Stube hotel guest restaurant. Reassignment and construction of three suites on the penthouse floor and in the central area. Number of beds: 220.
1998Redesign of the Biedermeierzimmer hotel guest restaurant.
1999Redesign of the Schwarzwaldstube hotel guest restaurant.

War widow with two children: Hermine Bareiss
with Heide and Hermann, 1948.

On the home straight: the topping-out ceremony in 1950.

24 January 1973: German Hotel & Restaurant Association (DEHOGA) State President Walter Ableiter congratulates the Kurhotel founder on her 60th birthday.

A great honour for mother and son: Germany’s Federal Cross of Merit for Hermine Bareiss (1983) and Hermann Bareiss (2004).

2000  Construction of the Country House with eight apartments and suites, as well as a connecting corridor to the hotel. Number of beds: 236.
2001Renovation of 24 apartments. Creation of the Fitness Room. The existing Gym and Physical Therapy Centre are enlarged. The Lädle gift shop is expanded with a newspaper kiosk, and the Wine Cellar is enlarged with a sales room. 1 May, 50th anniversary of the hotel’s existence. 3 July, Official ceremony with Baden-Württemberg’s state premier Erwin Teufel.
2002The façade of the east wind is redesigned and the balconies are »greened«. Planting on the flat roofs. Expansion and renovation of the Physical Therapy Centre and connection of the two outdoor whirlpools and the Kneipp pool in the indoor area of the Sauna World. Construction of 16 garages on the hotel’s large car park.
2003Redesign and enlargement of the cosmetics department, now the Bareiss Beauty & Spa, transformation of the Hotel Terrace. Hermann Bareiss purchases the Klumpp family’s house in September. This building becomes the House of Games on three floors. Hermann Bareiss takes over the Morlokhof as owner in October. The 1789 farmhouse is one of the oldest estates in the upper Murg Valley. The ensemble includes a cottage and a bakery.
2004Renovation of 14 rooms with provision of new bathrooms. Opening of the little bakery and the cottage garden at the Morlokhof.
2005More rooms are renovated and some of them are merged. Start of restoration work at the Morlokhof, during which (on 17 January) a sensational find was made: more than 130 handwritten records and letters, as well as various pages from printed pharmacopeia – the carefully compiled knowledge of four, or even six, generations. Some of the records are in Latin and Hebrew and mention numerous Catholic saints – unusual for Protestant Mitteltal. Tinctures in small bottles, and the corresponding formulations, were also found. Opening of the Garden Adventure Pool in late
June, and the Sattelei Hiking Cabin in mid-July. The ground floor of the House of Games is equipped with new play equipment and the first floor is furnished exclusively for adults in December.
2006     Complete redesign of the Pool and Sauna World. A Pool Bistro is created indoors. The Restaurant Bareiss and the Kaminstube are transformed. Opening of the Morlokhof on 25 June in the presence of Baden-Württemberg’s state premier Günter Oettinger. One week later an Open Day is held – with 14 historic professions and more than 1,200 guests.
2007  A patisserie is added to the kitchen. Reroofing work begins at the Morlokhof. The Restaurant Bareiss is awarded its 3rd Michelin Star in November.
200840 room are renovated, of which 12 in the central area are completely redesigned. The Fashion Boutique is expanded. A new carpet, designed by Hermann Bareiss himself, is laid over 2,500 m² of floor.


2001: The hotel is 50. State Premier Erwin Teufel awards the Staufer Medal to the hosts during an official ceremony on 3 July.

2015: The wedding of Britta and Hannes Bareiss.

2017: Renovation of the Forellenhof is complete and it opens.

Autumn 2018: The Bareiss Family.

2010  Renovation and redesign of the living and sleeping areas of 9 Weissenbachtal double room apartments. Redesign, sometimes also expansion, and installation of air conditioning in the treatment rooms of Bareiss Beauty & Spa.
2011Renovation of 39 rooms in the entire swimming pool area with new technology. Construction of an underground combined heat and power unit (CHP): the modular plant is used to generate electrical energy and heat using the principle of heat and power cogeneration. Mainly for ecological reasons. 14 March to 20 April: expansion of Sattelei Hiking Cabin with a second guest parlour (made of pine, spruce and old Obertal timber) with two oriels – imperceptibly added to the main building. Seating capacity doubles to 90. The hotel entrance and the Bareiss Children’s World have completely newly designed garden areas. The hotel’s Herb Garden is replanted. Initial work to redesign the Forest Park and complete redesign of the Children’s Playground in the Forest Park. An Adventure Playground with a tepee, campfire and stranded pirate ship. The Villa Kunterbunt grows: the Villa Sternenstaub
is built – with a children’s kitchen, children’s restaurant and its own vegetable garden for the children.
2012The Hotel Bareiss is closed from 4 March to 22 March. The new Sauna World and Pool Environment are created with the Fireplace Lounge, quiet room, an additional new Finnish sauna, Sanarium, ice fountain and steam bath. A new winter garden lounger area adjoins the existing lounger area in the swimming pool. A barefoot path and a second pond with a jetty are added to the Forest Park. The Bareiss Jewellers is enlarged and is given an open ambience.
2013 Extensive planting undertaken in the Forest Park. Renovation of the hotel guest restaurants and the Kaminstube restaurant.
2014Renovation of 35 rooms, the garden wing and the central building. Complicated design and furnishing of the Smoker’s Lounge in an English country-house style with connection to the Hotel Bar.
2015Britta and Hannes Bareiss marry on 18 July. Purchase of the old schoolhouse in Mitteltal, conversion to Bareiss Academy training centre. Refurbishment of the façade of the Morlokhof and renovation of the outdoor seawater pool.
2016Birth of Hanna Barbara Ute Bareiss on 12 May. Official opening of the Bareiss Academy with a ceremony. Conversion of staff canteen to create modern buffet restaurant. Renovation of both sauna outdoor whirlpools. New Water Playground set up in the Forest Park. Purchase of the Sigwart Trout Farm and its restaurant, the Fischerstüble, in Obertal-Buhlbach.
20171st phase, renovation of the Landhaus rooms. Re-equipping of the Fitness Studio with first-class Technogym equipment. Expansion of the lounger area at the Oasis by more than 600 m2. Conversion and expansion of the former Fischerstüble in Obertal-Buhlbach to create the Forellenhof Buhlbach, and operative takeover of the trout farm. Birth of Heidi Marie Bareiss on 14 December.
20182nd phase, renovation of 4 Landhaus rooms.
2019Creation of the new Bareiss kitchen world. Renovation of existing guest lifts. New construction for the production, finishing and employee areas.


Summer 2020: Bareiss Family.

2020: Inauguration of the new 120 m² production kitchen.

2020: Commissioning of the »Bareiss Aktiv«, the new bike station.

2021: The third Classic Pony Bless joins Bibiana and Bea at the Bareiss Petting Zoo.


Inauguration of the new Bareiss kitchens. Commissioning of the new Bike Station on the right of the House of Games. Creation of the Bareiss Petting Zoo in the Forest Park, with two Classic Ponies and seven West African miniature goats. Redesign of the hotel lobby and buffet area.


Birth of Henning Jakob Eugen Bareiss on 26 January. Expansion of the Bareiss Petting Zoo with a third classic pony and giant rabbits; rabbit hutches moved from Villa Sternenstaub to the Bareiss Petting Zoo. 1st phase, renovation of the staircase in the pool area and room corridors. Redesign of the Bareiss Beauty Boutique. Embellishment of the hotel drive and gardens. Renovation and redesign of the large public ladies’ toilets in an elegant cottage style.


Creation of one of Baden-Württemberg’s most modern and innovative fish farming aquaculture systems for hatching, breeding and processing trout at the Forellenhof Buhlbach. Renovation of various rooms and complete redesign of the corridors and staircases in the main building. Completion of the Bareiss stables with riding arena and arrival of Lucy, the German Riding Pony. Commissioning of 16 charging points powered by renewable energy, for electric and hybrid vehicles.