The Resort in the Black Forest

What shall we do today?

A cultivated culture of pleasure between tradition and the modern, fun and games among new friends in the Children’s Village, idleness under a good star in paradise: holidays at the Bareiss are accompanied by an abundance of possibilities, and by our aspiration to be the most family-friendly hotel in Europe. For our guests this means experiencing, at every turn, the hospitality and generosity for which our hotel stands.

The Bareiss Forest Park – favourite outdoor spots

The sunbathing meadow, the barefoot trail, rock waterfall, spring, trout pond and ducks’ house – during the warm seasons, the Forest Park attracts with the most beautiful spots for relaxing and for simply letting yourself unwind outdoors. Listen to the sounds of nature, follow your inner voice, make an appointment with yourself in our Garden of Eden – a rendezvous with peace is an unbelievably pleasurable experience.

The Bareiss Children’s Village – a paradise for play

The water and adventure playgrounds, trampoline, treehouse and circus wagon, Villa Sternenstaub and Villa Kunterbunt with its petting zoo – it is never boring in the Bareiss Children’s Village, learning is fun here, and new friends are quickly found. Whether baking bread or roasting sausages on sticks over a campfire, cooking together in the kitchen, story-time, night-time hikes, or sleeping outdoors – discovery has top priority, and there are no limits to one’s imagination.

The House of Games

Pool and roulette; backgammon and bridge; classic dice, card and board games; or new parlour games such as Exit Games – the upper floor of the House of Games opens up a variety of entertainment possibilities for rainy days or when one wants to withdraw a bit. Or simply whenever one feels like playing something; some people have reawakened an old passion here. Try your luck!

Locations to stop by – the »Bareiss Outlets«

As the hotel’s own locations to stop by, the Forellenhof Buhlbach, the Sattelei Hiking Cabin and the Morlokhof are popular among guests and locals alike. They bring local history and tradition to life in their different ways, are not solely worth experiencing for their cuisines, and can be reached via well-marked hiking paths. Experience and engage with good spirits...

The Petting Zoo

Our Petting Zoo in the Bareiss Forest Park accommodates the three classic ponies Bibiana, Bea and Bless as well as five West African pigmy goats and our rabbits. The animals have an extremely balanced temperament, are very trusting, and are used to having children around. A whole range of interesting things can be learnt by observation, a slow approach, and stroking. We occasionally take Bea, Bibiana and Bless for trips, during which they can be led by a rope and ridden.

The fallow deer enclosure

The Bareiss enclosure offers the possibility of watching wildlife up close within walking distance of the hotel. It is a species-appropriate habitat for our fallow deer in an area of 15,000 m² and provides shelter and protection in harsh weather. The stock of deer currently consists of 11 adult animals and grows each year with their offspring; we are always excited about what the next spring will bring. The feeding site is a particular attraction for our younger guests during this season, and there is a display board with helpful information on the lifestyle of the animals for our more mature guests.