Beauty at the Bareiss

Simply beneficial!

To be satisfied with oneself and in total harmony requires inner serenity and physical wellbeing. One leads to the other and vice versa, and both can be enhanced deliberately and effectively. Our skin and hair experts combine a wealth of knowledge and deftness with selected cosmetic treatments for face and body, as well as high-quality brands for perfectly co-ordinated care.


The face

A rosy complexion and a vibrant freshness

Radiant beauty comes from within, and is a question of welfare and the right care; each skin has different needs that change throughout one’s life. High-quality cosmetic products and proven treatments gently counteract signs of tiredness, such as insufficient freshness and elasticity, and achieve lasting visible results. Treat yourself to something good – take time to pamper yourself!

Exclusive cosmetic products for optimum care

  • Auteur
  • Biologique Recherche
  • La Biosthétique 
  • Thalgo

Body, hands and feet

Pampered to the tips of your toes

Targeted whole-body treatments, manicures and pedicures provide an all-round cared-for feeling and can balance out intense stress, which may become externally visible and internally palpable. Nourishing essences and fine essential oils, skilled hands and soothing warmth: targeted whole-body applications stimulate cell activity, and balance known and hidden deficits. They are cleansing, vitalising, detoxifying, regenerating and soothing – also for the spirit. Switch off – and come to life.


Cosmetic treatments for men

Dryness, tension, irritation – men’s skin needs suitable care involving the sensibility and comprehensive knowledge that leads to the right solution. That feels good, and entirely changes attitudes. A vibrant radiance promotes satisfaction and inner wellbeing – and what could be more refreshing than a confident smile? Experience how good that feels.


Cosmetic treatments for children and teens

Gentle cleansing and contact, healthy self-perception and sensitisation. Our care treatments for children and teens are individually co-ordinated for the age and needs of young skin. They stimulate an awareness of body and natural self-healing powers; have a clarifying, balancing and calming effect. Because it is a worthwhile experience to feel good in oneself.


The Bareiss Hairdressing Salon

The Bareiss Hairdressing Salon

A refresher for the evening invitation, an elegant updo for a special occasion, or a completely new hairstyle for a lasting change of attitude? Manicures, eyebrows plucking or a perfect make-up including professional tips: trust in the knowledge of the specialists at the Bareiss Hairdressing Salon and the quality of exclusive hair care products from La Biosthétique.