Spa Hotel in the Black Forest

Wellness treatments at the Bareiss Spa – simply pleasurable!

Close the eyes for a moment and imagine that you are lying on clouds, quiet calming music in the distance, and a completely pleasurable feeling of warmth and relaxation is spreading through your body. This would be just right now? Turn this vision into reality with a soothing massage at our wellness & spa hotel in the Black Forest – though it is actually even more wonderful than the dream.


Ayurveda – the knowledge of healthy living

The Indian healing art of Ayurveda is more than 5,000 years old and can be translated as the »science of long life«. It exploits the silent intelligence of nature for inner balance and deep relaxation. According to this doctrine, three energy forces (doshas) affect the body, determining its constitution: the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha Doshas. We feel good when they are in balance; but our wellbeing is impaired if they are out of synch. Ayurveda returns our energies to equilibrium, stabilises the interplay between them, and sets positive energies free.

Massagen at the Bareiss Spa

Whether partial or whole-body massage, fasciae or deep-tissue massage, foot reflexology treatment, lymphatic drainage or herbal pouch: massages at the Bareiss Spa get deep under the skin and produce an immediately palpable effect. Via the precise pressure points, with trained hand movements and the necessary active ingredients – and all the experience that this requires. Because the body has its own memory and is grateful.


Massagen für Kinder und Teens

Our massages for kids and teens take the approach that touching is a basic need for peace and wellbeing. They are suitable for children from seven years of age and are always co-ordinated on the child’s age and current condition. Depending on the child’s self-confidence, we recommend the presence of a parent for the first visit. The child can manage very well alone in familiar surroundings.