A huge experience

Take the time. Open your senses. What awaits you here is not an everyday occurrence: the huge culinary experience. These pleasures are so extraordinary, composed with such concentration and care for you personally – the aroma, taste, colours, fine nuances, differing consistencies, sweet and salty, soft and crisp, etc. What harmony!

Please remember to book your table well in advance and bear in mind that the Restaurant is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Your table request.

Annual holidays in the restaurant Bareiss

5th February until 2nd March 2018 (open again on the evening of 2nd March)
23rd  July until 24th August 2018 (open again on the evening of 24th August)
on 23rd December as well as on 30th December 2018

The cuisine at the Restaurant Bareiss

During his years of wandering, Claus-Peter Lumpp passed through the best of schools, from Eckart Witzigmann to Alain Ducasse. Nevertheless – or perhaps because of this – he has developed his own signature: technical perfection with aromatic richness (almost opulence) that, with lean elegance, combines visual attractiveness and wholesomeness.